Personal Counselling:

Personalized, one-on-one sessions to help overcome barriers and reduce stress.

Through each session client’s will explore and practice strategies to help address their concerns. Goals will be set and independent tasks will be offered to encourage further improvements beyond the session.

Common concerns include:

ADHD Anger Management
Anxiety Burn Out
Depression Disability/Ability Issues
Gender Grief
Learning Disabilities Low Motivation
Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Panic
Personal Growth and Wellness Sexuality
Stress Management Suicidal Thoughts
Trauma Work-related Stress

Specific areas of concentration:

Anxiety and depression.
We are all susceptible to experiencing anxiety and depression. Sometimes life throws us challenges or we are faced with unwanted change. Counselling therapy can help your develop strategies to work through these challenges and build resilience to ensure that when new challenges develop, we are ready to tackle them head on, with little hesitation.

Gender and sexuality.
Questions of gender and sexuality can be difficult to understand. On our search for answers, we may uncover more questions and uncertainties. Sometimes we feel alone and isolated, fearing that no one will understand. Counselling can act as an outlet to express yourself without judgment, exploring these areas, in an attempt to uncover your truth.

Aging and retirement.
As we age, we face a variety of lifestyle changes that impact our mental health. Sometimes we aren’t prepared for those changes and need to reframe our goals. Counselling therapy can offer tools and strategies to help you maneuver through these challenges and ensure that we make the most of our new found freedom.


Work/Life Planning:  

These sessions are structured for those facing Career & Life Transitions. During each session, persons interact with various assessment tools to explore career options and determine what job-related and lifestyle decisions are best suited for them. This may involve collaborative research activities, exploration of educational resources, and creating action plans and steps.


*NEW* Self-care Assessment and Follow-ups:

Don’t require formal counselling therapy, but still wanting to meet your goals and decrease your level of stress? These Psychoeducational sessions may be just the thing to help you make lifestyle improvements.

These sessions are not formal therapy sessions, but rather, an opportunity to assess your own needs and work with a professional to set self-care goals.


Motivational Support:

These sessions are designed to encourage continual goal setting.

If you feel stuck and want to improve specific areas of life, these sessions may help you focus on specific goals and permit accountability from a professional monitoring your progress. Activities include, organizational activities, positive affirmations, developing mantras and creating action plans.

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