Self-Care Sundays!

Self-Care Sundays! is a biweekly feature exploring various topics in self-care and mental health.

The first series entitled Lower Sackville – A Community of Self-Care aims to look at the community of Lower Sackville, NS and discover the many businesses out there offering opportunities to reduce stress. These businesses are doing their part of build a strong and vibrant community.

Each feature in this series will contain a written piece accompanied by a video. Please scroll through to see the video and photos.


Lower Sackville – A Community of Self-Care

Feature #2

For my second feature, I introduce to you Debbie Adams of PeopleCan Training and Development located at 622 Sackville Drive in Lower Sackville. This business owner offers her perspective on self-care from the point of view of an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs and leaders find their footing.IMG_0362

PeopleCan offers a variety of services to help people move beyond their barriers! Debbie is a dynamic speaker who offers an honest take on self-care and provides refreshingly open dialogue, as you will see from our interview. She’s guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and willing to conquer any number of challenging tasks.

Debbie loves helping people! Her Home Page ( states “Stop Dreaming…Start Doing,” and this message rang clear from my time spent with her. Even when asked about her reason for starting her business, she provided a candid response, saying it stemmed from necessity rather than inspiration. Regardless of PeopleCan’s origin, the inspiration was oozing from the walls! Debbie has found her calling and that’s an important part of what brought this feature to life.

When we sat down to speak, her passion for mental health and self-care shone through. Many phrases resonated with me as a counsellor and led to some meaningful self-reflection.  Debbie has a lot of knowlIMG_0357edge and she’s not afraid to share that knowledge with anyone willing to lend an ear.

I walked away from our conversations with one major thought – “authenticity.” Debbie is genuine and cares deeply for the people she serves. She also speaks out about important issues like reducing stigma and building resiliency. At PeopleCan, she truly helps clients build up their courage to reach their goals. Debbie has a knack fo
r highlighting the positives in any situation, while realistically getting down to business.

As one explores the PeopleCan website, they discover a variety of opportunities to learn from this energetic business owner. Debbie offers one on one consultations, training sessions, and a monthly drop-in “coachsulting” service. She also speaks publicly on a variety of topics and has strong ties within the community of Lower Sackville. In fact, she offered plenty of suggestions to help me fill my dance card for future blog posts.

Please check out PeopleCan if only to meet Debbie Adams. You won’t regret your time. She is a compassionate being with a heart of gold, yet manages to be tough as nails when it comes to meeting business needs.

Thanks Debbie, for allowing me to speak with you and present your perspective and outlook on self-care to the world.


2 Replies to “Self-Care Sundays!”

  1. It was an absolute pleasure. A wise old soul once told me that water rises to its own level. Mr. Porter, the community is fortunate to have you in our midst. I’m quite proud of this place we call home and I have a feeling you will fit in nicely. Welcome aboard and best wishes for an awesome business journey.

    1. Debbie,
      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.
      Take care.

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